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Assessing Vegetation for Impacts from Deer

Would you like to become an AVID volunteer?

Deer Browsing
Credit: Haliburton Forest

As a volunteer you will

  • Collect data in your woods or land in your community and enter it here to track tree, shrub and wildflower response to deer browsing over time.
  • Learn to identify important spring wildflower and tree species
  • Learn to recognize evidence of deer impacts based on the presence or absence of key wildflower, shrub, and tree indicator species
  • Contribute to a statewide database to document how deer impacts are changing through time. These data can help guide deer management decisions at local and state levels.

To get started, you will need to take the following steps:

Step #1
Register and create a userid and password.
(This registration will allow you to enter and access your data online)
Step #2
Learn about the methods you will use in one of the following ways:
Step #3
Collect your data and enter it here via the "My Data" tab.
  1. Visit the "Resources" tab at the top of the page and download the AVID manual. The manual can be printed and you can read it at your leisure or take it into the field with you. Data sheets are included at the end of the manual.
  2. Read through the "Site Preparation" and "User Guides" tabs here at the web site. All of the information in the manual is also present here. You can then print the data sheets you will need by clicking on the "Resources" tab and downloading only the data sheets.
  3. Visit this link to view a recorded presentation about using the AVID method, then download the data sheets through the "Resources" tab here at this site.
  4. Download the smart phone app and use your phone to gather data in the field (coming soon)
  5. Attend an AVID training (click on the "Contact Us" tab to see a listing of upcoming trainings)

Thank you for your participation!